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Taking On Complex Medical Malpractice Claims

At Bolus Law Offices, we have the highest respect for the medical profession. In fact, attorney James M. Bolus’ wife, Tana, is a former emergency room nurse.

Because of managed care and reduced payments from health insurance companies, Medicare and Medicaid, however, many doctors and nurses are forced to spend less time with each patient. Health care facilities are under pressure to cut costs wherever possible. Under these circumstances, medical errors and misdiagnoses are bound to occur. Sadly, patients pay the price for medical malpractice — sometimes with their lives.

A Record Of Success

If you are the victim of medical malpractice, it is extremely important to select a lawyer with experience winning medical negligence cases. At Bolus Law Offices, we have an extensive record of success in medical malpractice claims.

First, our Louisville medical malpractice lawyers and our nurse consultant will carefully analyze the circumstances of your case. Just because there is a bad outcome doesn’t make it medical negligence. If we believe an accepted standard of care has been breached, we will forward your medical records to an expert for review.

Lexington Hospital Negligence Lawyers Who Work With Highly Regarded Experts

Today, most medical malpractice cases are won or lost on the strength of the expert witnesses involved. We have a network of highly regarded independent experts in a wide range of medical fields who provide authoritative testimony. In many instances, these experts have literally written the book on their specific areas of specialty.

We use our knowledge, communication skills and state-of-the-art technology to translate highly complex medical information into simple concepts and pictures anyone can understand.

Compelling Presentations

Our PowerPoint presentations include demonstrative evidence, such as CT scans, MRIs and medical illustrations, as well as videotaped depositions. Because we have the skills to do this work ourselves, we are able to minimize the costs of litigation and preserve as much of the recovery as possible for the client.

After seeing one of James Bolus’ presentations in court, an internationally renowned neurological surgeon asked him to develop a presentation on how to avoid medical malpractice litigation for members of the American Association of Neurological Surgeons.

If you were injured by malpractice, you need an attorney like James Bolus, Jr., on your side. Please contact our law firm today to discuss your case.

Located in the heart of downtown Louisville, Bolus Law Offices offers effective legal services for residents of both Kentucky and Indiana.