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Videotaped depositions, computer animations of liability and damages issues, and three dimensional computer reconstructions of medical images and other evidence are the norm at Bolus Law Offices, a technology driven law practice. Aware of the importance of the audio-visual component of cases, Bo has the vast majority of the depositions he takes videotaped in addition to transcribed. The depositions are then pared down by him or other seasoned lawyers into understandable and compelling video clips and movies that are crafted within detailed PowerPoint presentations at mediations and, when required, in the courtroom to a jury.

At Bolus Law Offices the latest technology is readily available and at our fingertips. As a technology driven law practice in an age when new computer machinery and equipment is developed every day, our office is equipped with state of the art electronics that allow for powerful case presentations. Through his years of practice, Attorney James “Bo” Bolus has concluded that audio-visual presentations are the most effective ways to prove cases to clients, opposing parties and opposing counsel, insurance adjusters, and, when necessary, judges and juries. Therefore, every office and conference room is equipped with direct data, Internet and cable feeds to one of the numerous flat screen televisions in the 11,000 square feet of office space.

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In cases involving complex medical issues, Bo often retains expert physicians and/or animators to create 3D reconstructions from diagnostic images to illustrate the part of the human anatomy at issue. Computer animations are often used to clarify the medical procedure, product liability, car or truck accident, and/or other personal injury claim at issue.

Bolus Law Offices is equipped to share its technology with its guests. The office is completely wireless with guest access. Each conference room has instructions for logging into the network and connecting to the audio visual equipment.

Attorney James Bolus’ attention to detail and use of technology sets Bolus Law Offices apart from other firms in the Louisville, Kentucky, area.