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We Help You When Emergency Room Negligence Leads To Injuries Or Death

When a health care crisis strikes, we head to the emergency room and put our lives in the hands of medical professionals specially trained in emergency medicine. Yet even these professionals sometimes make mistakes. When they do, the results can be devastating.

At the Bolus Law Offices, our Louisville based medical malpractice attorneys represent clients who were injured by acts of emergency room negligence, including:

  • Failure to diagnose
  • Over medicating
  • Failure to treat

Emergency room staff members determine who is most critically ill or injured, and treat these patients first. People with less severe symptoms are seen later. Often presenting symptoms are misinterpreted. People with life-threatening conditions are sent home or made to wait for hours for treatment. Many suffer serious injuries or fatalities that could have been avoided.

The Law Firm With An ER Nurse On Staff

If you are the victim of emergency room negligence, the Bolus Law Offices can help. Our on-staff nurse consultant is an RN with more than 20 years of experience as an emergency room nurse.

We are skilled at recognizing when an accepted standard of emergency room care has been breached. When that occurs, we will file an emergency room negligence lawsuit and pursue full financial compensation for damages.

Our lead attorney, James M. Bolus, Jr., is skilled at translating complex medical concepts into clear language. He incorporates diagrams, MRI or CT films, and other evidence into a presentation that makes a compelling case for his client.

If you believe you are the victim of emergency room malpractice, please contact our law firm today. The initial consultation with a lawyer is free.

Located in the heart of downtown Louisville, Bolus Law Offices offers effective legal services for residents of both Kentucky and Indiana.