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When Negligence Leads To Injuries

An accident caused by another person’s negligence can forever change and alter the course of your life. Imagine that one minute you are in your car on your way to work, and the next you are laying in a hospital bed after being hit by a drunk driver and undergoing several emergency surgeries to save your life.

Even relatively minor injuries can severely disrupt your life and the lives of family members and result in significant financial expenses and burdens. At Bolus Law Offices, our attorneys stand up for the rights of individuals who suffer harm, injury and loss because of the negligent actions of drivers, business and property owners, pet owners and product manufacturers.

Standing Up For Injured Parties In Kentucky

We represent individuals in and around Louisville who suffer injuries in accidents involving:

  • Car accidents — caused by drunk, speeding and distracted drivers
  • Truck accidents — related to truck driver error, poorly maintained vehicles and shifting loads
  • Product liability — dangerous and defective toys, household products and motor vehicle parts
  • Premises liability — slip-and-fall accidents, assaults and dog bites

The personal and financial costs associated with these types of accidents and injuries are often substantial and we fight to obtain the fair and just compensation you need and deserve. Our attorneys thoroughly review the known facts associated with your accident, work to discover and examine evidence, reconstruct the accident scene and provide a detailed valuation of losses — all with the goal of fighting to recover the maximum amount of compensation possible.

After a motor vehicle accident or other accident, you deserve to be free of financial burdens and to live out your life in a comfortable manner. We will seek to recover compensation for your medical care and treatments, lost wages, disability, property damage, long-term care costs and other damages and losses.

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