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Recover The Compensation You Need After A Motorcycle Accident

As any motorcyclist knows, there are certain items that you have to keep in mind while riding. You know that you must exercise extreme caution, wear protective clothing, abide by the rules of the road, and be mindful of both the road conditions and your surroundings. Most motorcyclists are aware of the risks and take preventive measures to prevent injuries. Sadly, even the most careful, law-abiding motorcyclist can be placed in harm’s way by a negligent driver.

Bolus Law Offices in Louisville, Kentucky, provides attentive and experienced legal representation to victims of motorcycle accidents. Whether you were seriously injured or lost a loved one in a fatal motorcycle accident, our lawyers are here for you. Schedule your free initial consultation by calling 866-854-2804.

Motorcycle Accidents Can Result In Serious Injuries

Many motorcycle riders wear long leather chaps, leather jackets, boots, eye wear and/or helmets, gloves, and other protective clothing. However, this heavy clothing and gear offers little protection from the impact of a car crash. If you were hit by a car, truck or any other type of motor vehicle while riding your motorcycle, it is likely that you have sustained serious injuries. Our lawyers have extensive knowledge handling many types of injury claims arising from motorcycle accidents, including:

Additionally, we handle fatal accident claims involving motorcycle accidents. If your family member was killed in a motorcycle accident, we understand that you are currently dealing with many different emotions. While it may seem difficult to reach out to an attorney at this trying time, we do encourage you to seek help as soon as possible. Wrongful death claims have a short statute of limitations, and we want to ensure that you are seeking help within the time frame.

Please Contact Us If A Motorcycle Accident Has Affected Your Life

Located in the heart of downtown Louisville, Bolus Law Offices represents victims of motorcycle accidents in Kentucky and Indiana. We offer free initial consultations. To schedule yours, please call 866-854-2804, or contact us online.