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Klosterman v. Falling Rock Park

A jury verdict in excess of $10.5 million in Klosterman v. Falling Rock Park, which is nearly 10 times the amount of any prior verdict in the history of Oldham County, Kentucky. That case involved a Falling Rock Park, a rock quarry turned community swimming pool that allowed patrons to drink alcohol with no supervision. A man drove out of the quarry after drinking for much of the day, and struck a motorcycle driven by Charley Klosterman. Falling Rock Park denied that they allowed anyone to drink at the quarry. Significant evidence to the contrary was presented, including several police officers who witnessed drinking at the quarry, and the drunk driver who admitted that himself and the majority of the other patrons that day were drinking alcohol. By finding in favor of the Klostermans and including in their verdict an award of $2.5 million in punitive damages, the jury recognized the significant community safety hazard posed by Falling Rock Park, and sent the message that unsafe and reckless behavior is not tolerated by Kentucky juries.