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Employment Cases

  • A $2,000,000 jury verdict in Wilson v. Phillip Morris where Mrs. Wilson, a supervisor, suffered a mental breakdown and was unable to return to her job after being exposed to sexual harassment and retaliation by her subordinates. The case was tried to a $2,000,000 jury verdict. After a successful appeal, Phillip Morris paid Ms. Wilson well in excess of $3,000,000 due to the 12% appellate interest rate.
    • Wilson Trial Narrative
  • A $427,000 jury verdict in Harper v. University of Louisville, where an employee of the University’s Marketing Department was terminated five days after complaining about overspending in the department. In this “whistleblower” case, the jury found 11-1 that Ms. Harper was retaliated against for voicing her concerns over taxpayer spending. After the verdict, the Court ordered that U of L pay court costs and awarded Ms. Harper an additional $131,000 in attorney fees, for a total judgment of $560,000.
  • A $15,000.00 jury verdict in Spayd v. PNC Bank, where a bank teller at the PNC Oxmoor Branch was fired days after complaining of age discrimination. Ms. Spayd had applied for 31 different jobs within PNC Bank which all went to younger employees. A week after the H.R. department at PNC Bank decided that there was no age discrimination, an internal investigation was launched to determine if Ms. Spayd was dishonest on her PNC job application she had filled out five years prior. A Louisville jury determined that PNC Bank retaliated against Ms. Spayd for voicing her complaint of age discrimination. After the verdict, the Court ordered that PNC pay $4,284 in court costs and an additional $130,979 in attorney’s fees for a total judgment in excess of $150,000.
  • A $225,000 settlement in Jones v. City of Louisville where an undercover African-American police officer was shot three times by a Caucasian police officer who was pursuing the same suspect. Officer Jones lost a finger and missed a year of work. A $225,000 settlement was achieved.
  • A $195,000 settlement in James v. F.B.I. where after reporting misconduct and discrimination, Ms. James, an FBI agent, was reassigned and her previously high job assessments fell. Further, the plaintiff reported that her male counterparts consistently received better job assignments and evaluations. A $195,000 settlement was achieved.
  • A $100,000 settlement in Hancock v. Kentucky State Police where a female cadet alleged discrimination and retaliation during her cadet-training program. A $100,000 settlement was achieved.
  • A $58,000 jury verdict in Holston v. Kentucky Fair Board. Mr. Holston was a maintenance worker for 2 months at the Fairgrounds when he was fired by the Director of Human Resources in retaliation for complaining about being sexually propositioned, in graphic terms, by a male co-worker. The 12 member jury was unanimous on all three counts, i.e., harassment, retaliation, and damages, in finding for Mr. Holston. In addition the 2 alternate jurors indicated they would have found for Mr. Holston as well. The damages award consisted of $23,000 for back pay representing roughly 1 year of lost wages and $35,000 for emotional damages. This award does not include front pay or attorney’s fee which are to be determined by the judge.
  • A confidential settlement in a racial discrimination claim brought on behalf of over 30 African-American supervisors at a local company.