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Trey Tackett

Photo of Trey Tackett
Trey has been an invaluable asset to Bolus Law Offices since September 2017, serving as a dedicated law clerk and paralegal. Born in Georgetown, Indiana, Trey now resides in Jeffersonville. A proud Floyd Central High School graduate from the class of 2016, he is in the final stages of completing his bachelor’s degree in business administration at Indiana University Southeast (IUS), expected to graduate in Spring 2024. Not one to rest on his laurels, Trey intends to further his legal journey by attending law school, with the ultimate aspiration to serve as a distinguished attorney at Bolus Law Offices.

In his role at the firm, Trey manages a multitude of tasks, from vital client interactions and administrative duties to the more specialized responsibilities of preparing keynote presentations and video editing. Demonstrating a keen interest in the intersection of law and technology, Trey is currently leading substantial AI integration efforts within the firm, underscoring his forward-thinking mindset and commitment to enhancing productivity and efficiency at Bolus Law Offices.

Outside the confines of work and academia, Trey is an ardent sports fan, loyally supporting IU basketball, the Reds , and the Colts. He also enjoys hitting the golf course, navigating the thrilling world of video games, building a computer or two, and spending quality time with his girlfriend, Jane, and their cat, Max.

Trey’s unwavering commitment to the legal profession, passion for technological innovation, and future aspirations as an attorney, all herald a promising trajectory in the legal field. His path, characterized by relentless dedication, tenacity, and a strong work ethic, points towards a bright future in law.