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Illustrations And Animations

Satterwhite Animation

Hanson Nippleand LCC Anterior View

Hanson Nippleand LCC CT Image 2.3cm

Hanson Nippleand LCC Triangulated CT Image 2.3cm

Hanson Nippleand LCC Triangulated 3DR

Hanson Nippleand LCC Triangulated 3DR2

Aneurysm Case

Aortic Dissection

Cannula Insertion

Brain Aneurysm

Premises Liability Injury

Neck Injury From Auto Accident


Aortic Arch 3D Reconstruction 1

Aortic Arch 3D Reconstruction 2

Elbow Surgery Epicondylectomy

Elbow Surgery 1

Elbow Surgery 2

Esophagus Surgery Storyboard

Esophagus Surgery Before And After

Exploded Lighter

Hip Surgery

Elbow Surgery