Louisville Attorneys To Pursue Your Premises Liability Claim

When accidents occur on other people's property, you generally know who you can hold responsible for any injuries that you sustain. But what happens if you suffer workplace injuries based on poor maintenance or defective products? Where do you turn for financial compensation to help you pay for your medical bills, lost wages and other losses?

At Bolus Law Offices, our Louisville workplace injury accident lawyers are able to efficiently evaluate work site accidents to determine what claims may be available. We are comfortable seeking settlements when they are fair and reasonable, and are not afraid to pursue litigation in state or federal court when necessary. Contact our firm today to discuss your potential workplace injury accident claim in a free consultation.

Our founding attorney, James "Bo" Bolus, has been representing personal injury clients since 1991. With millions of dollars recovered for past clients in settlement or at trial, he has the experience and skill required to help you.

We Are Not Afraid To Take On Large Corporations

When you know you are going up against a large entity with extensive resources and legal help, you need to ensure you have a strong legal advocate by your side. Our dedicated legal team has the experience and determination to hold even the largest corporations responsible for poor workplace conditions, unsafe work environments and exposing employees to defective equipment. In the past, we have brought successful claims against Philip Morris, Brown-Forman, Toyota, GE, UPS, ALCOA and International Paper.

Workplace Injury Accidents Stemming From Equipment Failures

If you have suffered catastrophic injuries in a construction accident or other work site accident, you likely are also suffering from extensive financial losses as well as loss of enjoyment of life's basic activities. If those injuries stemmed from a defective product or an equipment failure, we can seek compensation from the manufacturer of the equipment or the people who installed or maintained that equipment at your work site.

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Located in the heart of downtown Louisville, our attorneys offer effective legal services for personal injury clients in Kentucky and Indiana. Contact us if you are suffering from a defective equipment injury or other workplace injury. We offer free initial consultations to new clients. You can reach us at 866-854-2804.